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Nemo a6ef975f0a aargh, gh-pages on a second repo is a pain 9 months ago
Nemo 1e821d200d looks like github doesn't like my SEO 9 months ago
Nemo 0b14ca4bbe Don't let people get lost 9 months ago
Nemo 1a55e84e47 Fix heading 9 months ago
Nemo bb45ee9f2d Improve README 9 months ago
Nemo c19fa916ca Short talk on video-streaming in linux 9 months ago
Nemo 3c3ed1c654 HPACK talk at RFCs We Love 10 months ago
Nemo 1377244a81 Adds new IFSC talk 10 months ago
Nemo 6fc88ec893 Add some new talks 10 months ago
Nemo da7e44c5f5 Updates to slides 12 months ago
Nemo 34ea68c146 remove ugly gpay icons 1 year ago
Nemo 69f3d5f71c Adds sample example at the end 1 year ago
Nemo 560a98a1ca fix new slide 1 year ago
Nemo 945c4eccb4 Add samples and speakr notes 1 year ago
Nemo e2ac12b718 Add slides link on footer 1 year ago
Nemo d1f007d9a0 fix 1 year ago
Nemo 6b0831cc17 moar updates 1 year ago
Nemo 8473af2828 add whoami 1 year ago
Nemo 4c75a43637 update 1 year ago
Nemo 3190404b70 initial commit 1 year ago
Nemo accf162d09 Adds links 1 year ago
Nemo 67abc714be Adds HTML for ifsc talk 1 year ago
Nemo c2234e680a More details 1 year ago
Nemo 30055afd31 Adds IFSC talk, initial draft 1 year ago
Nemo 885ab87518 Force redirect and add a link 2 years ago
Nemo 20ae0f21f0 Small Flash talk at RootConf 2 years ago
Nemo d36e223e0b Move slides 2 years ago
Nemo 929244f66d Adds images inside hs/ 2 years ago
Nemo c496d3b16f Final slides 2 years ago
Nemo 19b2538a8d Adds a network-mini slide 2 years ago
Nemo 14c7806375 Adds final slides 2 years ago
Nemo 51ba5cc413 updates 2 years ago
Nemo b768cb229f Last minute updates 2 years ago
Nemo e5b35f532d Updates 2 years ago
Nemo 5f2761d3bd Homeserver Talk: Draft 1 2 years ago
Nemo 279a598996 initial slides for python beginner workshop 2 years ago
Nemo 9c0018cc43 How not to get Robbed 2 years ago
Nemo 501639b67f Adds crypto-koans to README 2 years ago
Nemo df0288916b Adds markdown slides 2 years ago
Nemo 849d7f6135 Adds crypto.koans slides 2 years ago
Amit Mahbubani c255fa1d98 Update deck link: Terraforming Tatooine 3 years ago
Nemo 5ddf4f28fc Slides for terraforming tatooine talk 3 years ago
Nemo edf82c622c Minor updates 4 years ago
Nemo 84bb999606 Adds more talks from 2016/17 4 years ago
Abhay Rana ba03ff5c49 Updated version of the slides 6 years ago
Abhay Rana 4b9f0e6453 Updates link to blog post 6 years ago
Abhay Rana cdd2bbbbff Updates README with more links 6 years ago
Abhay Rana c0160d5303 Talk on Joy of Software Development 6 years ago
Abhay Rana a12f6f3511 Added README 9 years ago
Abhay Rana b1e5155d5b First talk 9 years ago