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# Learning just enough Python to automate your job
# Installing
Download Python from (Download macOS 64-bit installer)
On Mac OS X, download the .dmg file that’s right for your version of OS X and double-click it. Follow the instructions the installer displays on the screen to install Python, as listed here:
- When the DMG package opens in a new window, double-click the Python.mpkg file. You may have to enter the administrator password.
- Click Continue through the Welcome section and click Agree to accept the license.
- Select HD Macintosh (or whatever name your hard drive has) and click Install.
- On Mac OS X, open the Finder window, click Applications, click Python 3.4, and then click the IDLE icon.
- On Ubuntu, select Applications▸Accessories▸Terminal and then enter idle3. (You may also be able to click Applications at the top of the screen, select Programming, and then click IDLE 3.)
# Goals
1. Get you started with Python Programming
2. Learning how to automate some trivial stuff
3. Learn how to learn python
# Non-Goals
1. Get your code to production
2. Make you a software developer
3. Application Development
# Method