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HackerTray is a simple [Hacker News](https://news.ycombinator.com/) Linux application
that lets you view top HN stories in your System Tray. It relies on appindicator, so
it is not guaranteed to work on all systems. It also provides a StatusIcon fallback
but it has not been tested.
The inspiration for this came from [Hacker Bar](http://hackerbarapp.com), which is
Mac-only. I tried to port it to `node-webkit`, but had to do it in Python instead
because nw doesn't support AppIndicators yet.
![HackerTray Screenshot in elementaryOS](http://i.imgur.com/63l3qXV.png)
HackerTray is distributed as a python package. Do the following to install:
``` sh
sudo pip install hackertray
sudo easy_install hackertray
#Download Source and cd to it
sudo setup.py install
After that, you can run `hackertray` from anywhere and it will run. You can
now add it to your OS dependent session autostart method. In Ubuntu, you can
access it via:
1. System > Preferences > Sessions
2. System > Preferences > Startup Applications
depending on your Ubuntu Version. Or put it in `~/.config/openbox/autostart`
if you are running OpenBox. [Here](http://imgur.com/mnhIzDK) is how the
configuration should look like in Ubuntu and its derivatives.
1. Minimalist Approach to HN
2. Opens links in your default browser
3. Remembers which links you opened
4. Shows Points/Comment count in a simple format
- Auto Start
- Try to convert right click to comments link
##Author Information
- Abhay Rana <me@captnemo.in>
Licenced under the MIT Licence