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2013-11-27 19:17:16 +00:00
HackerTray is a simple [Hacker News](https://news.ycombinator.com/) Linux application
that lets you view top HN stories in your System Tray. It relies on appindicator, so
2013-11-28 07:18:40 +00:00
it is not guaranteed to work on all systems. It also provides a StatusIcon fallback
but it has not been tested.
2013-11-27 19:17:16 +00:00
The inspiration for this came from [Hacker Bar](http://hackerbarapp.com), which is
Mac-only. I tried to port it to `node-webkit`, but had to do it in Python instead
because nw doesn't support AppIndicators yet.
2013-11-28 07:49:19 +00:00
![HackerTray Screenshot in elementaryOS](http://i.imgur.com/63l3qXV.png)
HackerTray is distributed as a python package. Do the following to install:
``` sh
sudo pip install hackertray
sudo easy_install hackertray
#Download Source and cd to it
sudo setup.py install
After that, you can run `hackertray` from anywhere and it will run. You can
now add it to your OS dependent session autostart method. In Ubuntu, you can
access it via:
1. System > Preferences > Sessions
2. System > Preferences > Startup Applications
depending on your Ubuntu Version. Or put it in `~/.config/openbox/autostart`
if you are running OpenBox. [Here](http://imgur.com/mnhIzDK) is how the
configuration should look like in Ubuntu and its derivatives.
2013-11-27 19:17:16 +00:00
1. Minimalist Approach to HN
2. Opens links in your default browser
3. Remembers which links you opened
4. Shows Points/Comment count in a simple format
- Auto Start
2013-11-27 19:38:02 +00:00
- Try to convert right click to comments link
2013-11-27 19:17:16 +00:00
##Author Information
- Abhay Rana <me@captnemo.in>
Licenced under the MIT Licence