A simple HTTParty based wrapper for the Outline API. Comes with ready scripts to import|export content from Outline.
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A simple HTTParty based wrapper for the Outline API. It also offers a one-line import option to let you migrate an existing set of Markdown files to Outline. For quickly running export/import commands, you can use the Docker Image as well.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'outliner'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install outliner


The API Client automatically picks up the Token from the OUTLINE_TOKEN environment variable. All the API calls are available with the . replaced with a _ in the method name. So if you need to call the collections.remove_user API, use the collections_remove_user method.

require 'outliner'

client = Outliner.new('https://knowledge.example.com')
pp client.auth_info
pp client.collections_list(offset: 0, limit: 10)
# This works around a 302 redirect bug in httparty
  r = @client.fileOperations__redirect({id: FILE_OPERATION_ID}, format: nil, no_follow: true)
rescue HTTParty::RedirectionTooDeep => e
  # Download this using response = HTTParty.get e.response.header['location'] if needed
  pp e.response.header['location']


outliner can be used to import an existing collection of documents into Outline. To do this, run:

export OUTLINE_BASE_URI="https://kb.example.com"
export SOURCE_DIRECTORY="/home/user/wiki"
bundle install outliner


outliner can be used to run a one-time export of all documents in Outline to a local directory. To do this, run:

export OUTLINE_BASE_URI="https://kb.example.com"
# Ensure that this exists and is writable
bundle install outliner
outliner-export "$DESTINATION_DIRECTORY"


You can use the pre-built docker image to run the above commands as well. See the following commands for examples:


Copy the env.sample file to .env and update the values there.


Downloads all collections from Outline, and exports them as nested markdown files inside the given directory (/data inside the container, mount it accordingly.)

docker run --env-file .env
           --volume /tmp:/data \
           captn3m0/outliner \
           export \


Imports all markdown documents in a directory to a named Collection on outline. Creates the collection if it doesn't exist.

docker run --env-file .env
           --volume /path/to/wiki:/data \
           captn3m0/outliner \
           import /data "Archive"


Does a export from Outline, and pushes the corresponding result to the Git repository. Currenly does a force-push to the repository. Use with care.

Note: Sync is currently only available as a Docker Command

docker run --env-file .env
           --volume /etc/ssh/private.key:/root/.ssh/id_rsa
           captn3m0/outliner \


  • [import] Images are currently not imported. Host them externally for this to work.
  • [import] Only .md files are currently supported
  • [docker] StrictHostKeyChecking is currently disabled for push, please only run this in trusted networks.


After checking out the repo, run bin/setup to install dependencies. You can also run bin/console for an interactive prompt that will allow you to experiment.

To install this gem onto your local machine, run bundle exec rake install. To release a new version, update the version number in version.rb, and then run bundle exec rake release, which will create a git tag for the version, push git commits and tags, and push the .gem file to rubygems.org.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/captn3m0/outliner. This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

Everyone interacting in the Outliner projects codebases, issue trackers, chat rooms and mailing lists is expected to follow the code of conduct.


Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE file for details.