A simple regex based exhaustive validator for PIN codes in India
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Validate a Postal Index Number for India with a regex. The regexes are available in regex.txt. There are 2 regexes. The first validates PINs starting from 1-4, and the second validates the ones starting from 5-8. The reason for the split is to keep the regex size small. Currently they are both at 16K each.


The source for the data is the "All India Pincode Directory" dataset on data.gov.in.


The regex.txt file is 32KB in size, so you can easily use it wherever you want, including browsers.


The package is available on packagist.

To use the PHP package:

use PIN\Validator as P;
P::validate('110011'); // returns true;


The package is available on npm.

To use the package:

const P = require('pincode-validator');
P.validate('110011'); // returns true


  • See HACKING.md for some development details.
  • Pull requests are welcome for adding libraries in other languages (in the same repo).


Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE file for details.