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Google SRE Book/s

Generates a EPUB/MOBI/PDF for the Google SRE Books. Original sources are downloaded from https://sre.google/books/

Visit the Releases page to download the latest release. Go through all the releases, and click "Assets" to view a list of files.


Site Reliability Engineering (2016) The Site Reliability Workbook (2018)
site reliability engineering cover
the site reliability workbook cover

A few other SRE books/reports are available as directly from Google or publishers. A few links point to Internet Archive. Links marked in 🔻 are currently down.

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Docker (Preferred)


  • Docker

You can generate either of books using BOOK_SLUG variable.

Available values for BOOK_SLUG:

  • sre_book Site Reliability Engineering.
  • srw_book The Site Reliability Workbook.
$ docker run --rm --volume "$(pwd):/output" -e BOOK_SLUG='srw_book' captn3m0/google-sre-ebook:latest
  • You should see the final EPUB/MOBI/PDF files in the current directory after the above runs.
  • The file may be owned by the root user.

NOTE: You'll have to allow docker access to a directory that's local to your system. The safest way to do this is as follows:

$ mkdir /tmp/sreoutput
$ chcon -Rt svirt_sandbox_file_t /tmp/sreoutput
$ docker run --rm --volume "/tmp/sreoutput:/output" -e BOOK_SLUG='srw_book' captn3m0/google-sre-ebook:latest

The build for the above Docker image can be audited at https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/captn3m0/google-sre-ebook/builds.

macOS / Linux


  • Ruby
  • gem install bundler
  • bundle install
  • brew install pandoc
  • brew cask install calibre
  • brew install wget

Run either of the following:

# To download Site Reliability Engineering.
BOOK_SLUG='sre_book' ./generate.sh

# To download The Site Reliability Workbook.
BOOK_SLUG='srw_book' ./generate.sh

Known Issues

  • metadata is not complete. There are just too many authors
  • Foreword/Preface is not part of the index
  • The typesetting is not great and does not match the original. See #22 for a list


This is licensed under WTFPL. See COPYING file for the full text.


I have a list of my E-book publishing related projects at https://captnemo.in/ebooks/. Links to other related books can be found at https://github.com/upgundecha/howtheysre#books-1