Generates fingerprints for electron version detection by downloading electron releases and generating checksums of the files contained in each release.
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Generates fingerprints for electron version detection by downloading electron releases and generating checksums (sha1 hashes) of the files contained in each release. Published as a lookup table on the GitHub NPM Registry.


You can use this to guess which electron version is being used in a given application. A given electron version is (almost always) tightly bound to a node and chrome release as well, so you get a better sense of what the application is running.

Written as the backend for which-electon.


See the GitHub documentation to configure the GitHub Packages NPM Registry.

Install from the command line:

npm install @captn3m0/electron-fingerprints

Install via package.json:

"@captn3m0/electron-fingerprints": "*"


This repository only contains the raw data files, see which-electron for a usable package. The lookup.json files are published as the @captn3m0/electron-fingerprints package on the GitHub NPM Package Registry as well as on GitHub Releases. Programmatic usage is still possible:

const lookup = require("@captn3m0/electron-fingerprints");
// baf786083f482c1f035e50e105b5f7475af1e00b = sha1(ffmpeg.dll)
// ["v1.4.3", "v1.4.4", "v1.4.5"]

You can sort or filter the returned versions if needed. If you'd like to access the raw data, see for a schema description. If you'd like to use this in a project that doesn't use NPM, you can use this repository as a git submodule and track the main branch for updates.

supported releases

All Stable electron releases for the following architectures are fingerprinted:

  • linux-x64
  • linux-arm64
  • darwin-x64 (Mac OS)
  • win32-x64 (Windows)
  • win32-arm64 (Windows)
  • darwin-arm64 (Apple Silicon)

A list of release fingerprints is under the hashes directory. Releases made when Electron was still called atom-shell are not supported (Before April 2015).


Releases are versioned by the date on which they were made (as per UTC).


Released under WTFPL.