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# boardgame-research [![PRs Welcome](](
This is a list of boardgame related research papers, code, blog posts, and other media. The list primarily includes research on "solving/playing/learning" games (by various different approaches), or
occasionaly about designing or meta-aspects of the game. This doesn't cover all aspects of each game (notably missing social-science stuff), but
should be of interest to anyone interested in boardgames and their optimal play. While there is a ton of easily accessible research on games like
Chess and Go, finding prior work on more contemporary games can be a bit hard. This list focuses on the latter. If you are interested in well-researched
games like Chess, Go, Hex, take a look at the [Chess programming wiki]( instead. The list also covers some computer-games that fall under similar themes.
You can browse the collection at <> as well.
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- [Zotero RDF](boardgame-research.rdf)
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- [2048](#2048)
- [Accessibility](#accessibility)
- [Azul](#azul)
- [Blokus](#blokus)
- [Carcassonne](#carcassonne)
- [Diplomacy](#diplomacy)
- [Dixit](#dixit)
- [Dominion](#dominion)
- [Frameworks](#frameworks)
- [Game Design](#game-design)
- [General Gameplay](#general-gameplay)
- [Hanabi](#hanabi)
- [Hearthstone](#hearthstone)
- [Hive](#hive)
- [Jenga](#jenga)
- [Kingdomino](#kingdomino)
- [Lost Cities](#lost-cities)
- [Mafia](#mafia)
- [Magic: The Gathering](#magic-the-gathering)
- [Mobile Games](#mobile-games)
- [Modern Art: The card game](#modern-art-the-card-game)
- [Monopoly](#monopoly)
- [Monopoly Deal](#monopoly-deal)
- [Netrunner](#netrunner)
- [Nmbr9](#nmbr9)
- [Pandemic](#pandemic)
- [Patchwork](#patchwork)
- [Pentago](#pentago)
- [Quixo](#quixo)
- [Race for the Galaxy](#race-for-the-galaxy)
- [Resistance: Avalon](#resistance-avalon)
- [RISK](#risk)
- [Santorini](#santorini)
- [Scotland Yard](#scotland-yard)
- [Secret Hitler](#secret-hitler)
- [Set](#set)
- [Settlers of Catan](#settlers-of-catan)
- [Shobu](#shobu)
- [Terra Mystica](#terra-mystica)
- [Tetris Link](#tetris-link)
- [Ticket to Ride](#ticket-to-ride)
- [Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe](#ultimate-tic-tac-toe)
- [UNO](#uno)
- [Yahtzee](#yahtzee)
- [Similar Projects](#similar-projects)
- [License](#license)
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# 2048
- [Systematic Selection of N-Tuple Networks for 2048]( (bookSection)
- [Systematic selection of N-tuple networks with consideration of interinfluence for game 2048]( (conferencePaper)
- [An investigation into 2048 AI strategies]( (conferencePaper)
- [Threes!, Fives, 1024!, and 2048 are Hard]( (journalArticle)
- [Making Change in 2048]( (journalArticle)
- [Analysis of the Game "2048" and its Generalization in Higher Dimensions]( (journalArticle)
- [Multi-Stage Temporal Difference Learning for 2048-like Games]( (journalArticle)
- [2048 is (PSPACE) Hard, but Sometimes Easy]( (journalArticle)
- [Temporal difference learning of N-tuple networks for the game 2048]( (conferencePaper)
- [On the Complexity of Slide-and-Merge Games]( (journalArticle)
- [2048 Without New Tiles Is Still Hard]( (journalArticle)
# Accessibility
- [Meeple Centred Design: A Heuristic Toolkit for Evaluating the Accessibility of Tabletop Games]( (journalArticle)
- [Eighteen Months of Meeple Like Us: An Exploration into the State of Board Game Accessibility]( (journalArticle)
# Azul
- [A summary of a dissertation on Azul]( (report)
- [Ceramic: A research environment based on the multi-player strategic board game Azul]( (conferencePaper)
- [Ceramic: A research environment based on the multi-player strategic board game Azul]( (computerProgram)
# Blokus
- [Blokus Game Solver]( (report)
- [FPGA Blokus Duo Solver using a massively parallel architecture]( (conferencePaper)
- [Blokus Duo game on FPGA]( (conferencePaper)
# Carcassonne
- [Playing Carcassonne with Monte Carlo Tree Search]( (journalArticle)
- [On the Evolution of the MCTS Upper Confidence Bounds for Trees by Means of Evolutionary Algorithms in the Game of Carcassonne]( (journalArticle)
- [Evolving the MCTS Upper Confidence Bounds for Trees Using a Semantic-inspired Evolutionary Algorithm in the Game of Carcassonne]( (preprint)
# Diplomacy
- [Learning to Play No-Press Diplomacy with Best Response Policy Iteration]( (journalArticle)
- [No Press Diplomacy: Modeling Multi-Agent Gameplay]( (journalArticle)
- [Agent Madoff: A Heuristic-Based Negotiation Agent For The Diplomacy Strategy Game]( (journalArticle)
- [Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Game of Diplomacy]( (conferencePaper)
- [Human-Level Performance in No-Press Diplomacy via Equilibrium Search]( (journalArticle)
# Dixit
- [Creative Captioning: An AI Grand Challenge Based on the Dixit Board Game]( (journalArticle)
- [Dixit: Interactive Visual Storytelling via Term Manipulation]( (journalArticle)
# Dominion
- [Dominion Simulator]( (computerProgram)
- [Dominion Simulator Source Code]( (computerProgram)
- [Best and worst openings in Dominion]( (blogPost)
- [Optimal Card Ratios in Dominion]( (blogPost)
- [Card Winning Stats on Dominion Server]( (blogPost)
- [Dominion Strategy Forum]( (forumPost)
- [Clustering Player Strategies from Variable-Length Game Logs in Dominion]( (journalArticle)
- [Game Balancing in Dominion: An Approach to Identifying Problematic Game Elements]( (journalArticle)
# Frameworks
- [RLCard: A Toolkit for Reinforcement Learning in Card Games]( (journalArticle)
- [Design and Implementation of TAG: A Tabletop Games Framework]( (journalArticle)
- [Game Tree Search Algorithms - C++ library for AI bot programming.]( (computerProgram)
- [TAG: Tabletop Games Framework]( (computerProgram)
# Game Design
- [MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design and Game Research]( (conferencePaper)
- [Exploring anonymity in cooperative board games]( (conferencePaper)
# General Gameplay
- [Player of Games]( (journalArticle)
- [A general reinforcement learning algorithm that masters chess, shogi, and Go through self-play]( (journalArticle)
# Hanabi
- [How to Make the Perfect Fireworks Display: Two Strategies forHanabi]( (journalArticle)
- [Evaluating and modelling Hanabi-playing agents]( (conferencePaper)
- [The Hanabi challenge: A new frontier for AI research]( (journalArticle)
- [The 2018 Hanabi competition]( (conferencePaper)
- [Diverse Agents for Ad-Hoc Cooperation in Hanabi]( (conferencePaper)
- [Improving Policies via Search in Cooperative Partially Observable Games]( (journalArticle)
- [Hanabi is NP-hard, Even for Cheaters who Look at Their Cards]( (journalArticle)
- [Generating and Adapting to Diverse Ad-Hoc Cooperation Agents in Hanabi]( (journalArticle)
- [Evaluating the Rainbow DQN Agent in Hanabi with Unseen Partners]( (journalArticle)
- [Re-determinizing MCTS in Hanabi]() (conferencePaper)
- [Evolving Agents for the Hanabi 2018 CIG Competition]( (conferencePaper)
- [Aspects of the Cooperative Card Game Hanabi]( (bookSection)
- [Playing Hanabi Near-Optimally]( (bookSection)
- [An intentional AI for hanabi]( (conferencePaper)
- [Solving Hanabi: Estimating Hands by Opponent's Actions in Cooperative Game with Incomplete Information]( (conferencePaper)
- [A Browser-based Interface for the Exploration and Evaluation of Hanabi AIs]( (journalArticle)
- [I see what you see: Integrating eye tracking into Hanabi playing agents]() (journalArticle)
- [State of the art Hanabi bots + simulation framework in rust]( (computerProgram)
- [A strategy simulator for the well-known cooperative card game Hanabi]( (computerProgram)
- [A framework for writing bots that play Hanabi]( (computerProgram)
- [Operationalizing Intentionality to Play Hanabi with Human Players]( (journalArticle)
- [Behavioral Evaluation of Hanabi Rainbow DQN Agents and Rule-Based Agents]( (journalArticle)
- [Playing mini-Hanabi card game with Q-learning]( (conferencePaper)
- [Hanabi Open Agent Dataset]( (computerProgram)
- [Hanabi Open Agent Dataset]( (conferencePaper)
- [Evaluation of Human-AI Teams for Learned and Rule-Based Agents in Hanabi]( (journalArticle)
- [Emergence of Cooperative Impression With Self-Estimation, Thinking Time, and Concordance of Risk Sensitivity in Playing Hanabi]( (journalArticle)
- [K-level Reasoning for Zero-Shot Coordination in Hanabi]( (conferencePaper)
- [Is Vanilla Policy Gradient Overlooked? Analyzing Deep Reinforcement Learning for Hanabi]( (journalArticle)
- [Generating and Adapting to Diverse Ad-Hoc Partners in Hanabi]( (journalArticle)
- [Theory of Mind for Multi-agent Coordination in Hanabi]( (thesis)
- [The Hanabi challenge: From Artificial Teams to Mixed Human-Machine Teams]( (thesis)
- [A Graphical User Interface For The Hanabi Challenge Benchmark]( (thesis)
- [Analysis of Symmetry and Conventions in Off-Belief Learning (OBL) in Hanabi]( (blogPost)
- [Using intuitive behavior models to adapt to and work with human teammates in Hanabi]( (thesis)
- [Behavioral Differences is the Key of Ad-hoc Team Cooperation in Multiplayer Games Hanabi]( (preprint)
# Hearthstone
- [Mapping Hearthstone Deck Spaces through MAP-Elites with Sliding Boundaries]( (journalArticle)
# Hive
- [On the complexity of Hive]( (thesis)
- [The Cost of Reinforcement Learning for Game Engines: The AZ-Hive Case-study]( (conferencePaper)
# Jenga
- [Jidoukan Jenga: Teaching English through remixing games and game rules]( (journalArticle)
- [Maximum genus of the Jenga like configurations]( (journalArticle)
# Kingdomino
- [Monte Carlo Methods for the Game Kingdomino]( (conferencePaper)
- [Monte Carlo Methods for the Game Kingdomino]( (journalArticle)
- [NP-completeness of the game Kingdomino]( (journalArticle)
# Lost Cities
- [Applying Neural Networks and Genetic Programming to the Game Lost Cities]( (conferencePaper)
# Mafia
- [A mathematical model of the Mafia game]( (journalArticle)
- [Automatic Long-Term Deception Detection in Group Interaction Videos]( (journalArticle)
- [Human-Side Strategies in the Werewolf Game Against the Stealth Werewolf Strategy]( (bookSection)
- [A Theoretical Study of Mafia Games]( (journalArticle)
# Magic: The Gathering
- [Ensemble Determinization in Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Imperfect Information Card Game Magic: The Gathering]( (journalArticle)
- [Optimal Card-Collecting Strategies for Magic: The Gathering]( (journalArticle)
- [Monte Carlo search applied to card selection in Magic: The Gathering]( (conferencePaper)
- [Magic: the Gathering is as Hard as Arithmetic]( (journalArticle)
- [Magic: The Gathering is Turing Complete]( (journalArticle)
- [Neural Networks Models for Analyzing Magic: the Gathering Cards]( (journalArticle)
- [Neural Networks Models for Analyzing Magic: The Gathering Cards]( (bookSection)
- [The Complexity of Deciding Legality of a Single Step of Magic: The Gathering]( (conferencePaper)
- [Magic: The Gathering in Common Lisp]( (conferencePaper)
- [Magic: The Gathering in Common Lisp]( (computerProgram)
- [Mathematical programming and Magic: The Gathering]( (thesis)
- [Deck Construction Strategies for Magic: The Gathering]( (conferencePaper)
- [Deckbuilding in Magic: The Gathering Using a Genetic Algorithm]( (thesis)
- [Magic: The Gathering Deck Performance Prediction]( (report)
- [AI solutions for drafting in Magic: the Gathering]( (journalArticle)
# Mobile Games
- [Trainyard is NP-Hard]( (journalArticle)
- [Threes!, Fives, 1024!, and 2048 are Hard]( (journalArticle)
- [Rikudo is NP-complete]( (journalArticle)
# Modern Art: The card game
- [A constraint programming based solver for Modern Art]( (computerProgram)
# Monopoly
- [Monopoly as a Markov Process]( (journalArticle)
- [Learning Monopoly Gameplay: A Hybrid Model-Free Deep Reinforcement Learning and Imitation Learning Approach]( (journalArticle)
- [Negotiation strategy of agents in the MONOPOLY game]( (conferencePaper)
- [Generating interesting Monopoly boards from open data]( (conferencePaper)
- [Estimating the probability that the game of Monopoly never ends]( (conferencePaper)
- [Learning to Play Monopoly with Monte Carlo Tree Search]( (report)
- [Monopoly Using Reinforcement Learning]( (conferencePaper)
- [A Markovian Exploration of Monopoly]( (report)
- [Learning to play Monopoly: A Reinforcement Learning approach]( (conferencePaper)
- [Whats the Best Monopoly Strategy?]( (presentation)
# Monopoly Deal
- [Implementation of Artificial Intelligence with 3 Different Characters of AI Player on “Monopoly Deal” Computer Game]( (bookSection)
# Netrunner
- [Netrunner Mate-in-1 or -2 is Weakly NP-Hard]( (journalArticle)
# Nmbr9
- [Nmbr9 as a Constraint Programming Challenge]( (journalArticle)
- [Nmbr9 as a Constraint Programming Challenge]( (blogPost)
# Pandemic
- [NP-Completeness of Pandemic]( (journalArticle)
# Patchwork
- [State Representation and Polyomino Placement for the Game Patchwork]( (blogPost)
- [State Representation and Polyomino Placement for the Game Patchwork]( (journalArticle)
- [State Representation and Polyomino Placement for the Game Patchwork]( (presentation)
# Pentago
- [On Solving Pentago]( (thesis)
- [Pentago is a First Player Win: Strongly Solving a Game Using Parallel In-Core Retrograde Analysis]( (journalArticle)
- [A massively parallel pentago solver]( (computerProgram)
- [An interactive explorer for perfect pentago play]( (computerProgram)
# Quixo
- [QUIXO is EXPTIME-complete]( (journalArticle)
- [Quixo Is Solved]( (journalArticle)
# Race for the Galaxy
- [SCOUT: A Case-Based Reasoning Agent for Playing Race for the Galaxy]( (bookSection)
- [Ludometrics: Luck, and How to Measure It]( (journalArticle)
# Resistance: Avalon
- [Finding Friend and Foe in Multi-Agent Games]( (journalArticle)
- [Mini-Risk: Strategies for a Simplified Board Game]( (journalArticle)
- [Learning the risk board game with classifier systems]( (conferencePaper)
- [Markov Chains and the RISK Board Game]( (journalArticle)
- [Markov Chains for the RISK Board Game Revisited]( (journalArticle)
- [Planning an Endgame Move Set for the Game RISK: A Comparison of Search Algorithms]( (journalArticle)
- [An Intelligent Artificial Player for the Game of Risk]( (presentation)
- [RISKy Business: An In-Depth Look at the Game RISK]( (journalArticle)
- [RISK Board Game Battle Outcome Analysis]( (journalArticle)
- [A multi-agent system for playing the board game risk]( (thesis)
- [Monte Carlo Tree Search for Risk]( (conferencePaper)
- [Wargaming with Monte-Carlo Tree Search]( (presentation)
# Santorini
- [A Mathematical Analysis of the Game of Santorini]( (thesis)
- [A Mathematical Analysis of the Game of Santorini]( (computerProgram)
# Scotland Yard
- [The complexity of Scotland Yard]( (report)
# Secret Hitler
- [Competing in a Complex Hidden Role Game with Information Set Monte Carlo Tree Search]( (journalArticle)
# Set
- [Game, Set, Math]( (journalArticle)
- [The Joy of SET]( (journalArticle)
# Settlers of Catan
- [The effectiveness of persuasion in The Settlers of Catan]( (conferencePaper)
- [Avoiding Revenge Using Optimal Opponent Ranking Strategy in the Board Game Catan]( (journalArticle)
- [Game strategies for The Settlers of Catan]( (conferencePaper)
- [Monte-Carlo Tree Search in Settlers of Catan]( (bookSection)
- [Deep Reinforcement Learning in Strategic Board Game Environments]( (bookSection)
- [Settlers of Catan bot trained using reinforcement learning]( (computerProgram)
- [Trading in a multiplayer board game: Towards an analysis of non-cooperative dialogue]( (conferencePaper)
- [POMCP with Human Preferencesin Settlers of Catan]( (journalArticle)
- [The impact of loaded dice in Catan]( (blogPost)
- [Monte Carlo Tree Search in a Modern Board Game Framework]( (journalArticle)
- [Reinforcement Learning of Strategies for Settlers of Catan]( (conferencePaper)
- [Playing Catan with Cross-dimensional Neural Network]( (journalArticle)
- [Strategic Dialogue Management via Deep Reinforcement Learning]( (journalArticle)
- [Analysis of 'The Settlers of Catan' Using Markov Chains]( (thesis)
- [Learning to Play Settlers of Catan with Deep Reinforcement Learning]( (blogPost)
# Shobu
- [Shobu AI Playground]( (computerProgram)
- [Shobu randomly played games dataset]( (webpage)
# Terra Mystica
- [Using Tabu Search Algorithm for Map Generation in the Terra Mystica Tabletop Game]( (conferencePaper)
- [Mastering Terra Mystica: Applying Self-Play to Multi-agent Cooperative Board Games]( (journalArticle)
- [TM AI: Play TM against AI players.]( (computerProgram)
# Tetris Link
- [A New Challenge: Approaching Tetris Link with AI]( (journalArticle)
# Ticket to Ride
- [AI-based playtesting of contemporary board games]( (conferencePaper)
- [Materials for Ticket to Ride Seattle and a framework for making more game boards]( (computerProgram)
- [The Difficulty of Learning Ticket to Ride]( (report)
- [Evolving maps and decks for ticket to ride]( (conferencePaper)
- [Applications of Graph Theory and Probability in the Board Game Ticket to Ride]( (presentation)
# Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe
- [At Most 43 Moves, At Least 29: Optimal Strategies and Bounds for Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe]( (journalArticle)
- [UNO Is Hard, Even for a Single Player]( (bookSection)
- [The complexity of UNO]( (journalArticle)
# Yahtzee
- [Nearly Optimal Computer Play in Multi-player Yahtzee]( (bookSection)
- [Computer Strategies for Solitaire Yahtzee]( (conferencePaper)
- [Modeling expert problem solving in a game of chance: a Yahtzeec case study]( (journalArticle)
- [Probabilites In Yahtzee]( (journalArticle)
- [Optimal Solitaire Yahtzee Strategies]( (presentation)
- [Yahtzee: a Large Stochastic Environment for RL Benchmarks]( (journalArticle)
- [Optimal Yahtzee performance in multi-player games]( (thesis)
- [How to Maximize Your Score in Solitaire Yahtzee]( (manuscript)
- [Using Deep Q-Learning to Compare Strategy Ladders of Yahtzee]( (thesis)
- [Defensive Yahtzee]( (report)
- [An Optimal Strategy for Yahtzee]( (report)
# Similar Projects
# License
Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal. See LICENSE file for complete text.