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# Go
# Hanabi
- [Re-determinizing MCTS in Hanabi](
- [Hanabi is NP-hard, Even for Cheaters who Look at Their Cards](
- [Evolving Agents for the Hanabi 2018 CIG Competition](
- [Aspects of the Cooperative Card Game Hanabi](
- [How to Make the Perfect Fireworks Display: Two Strategies for Hanabi](
- [Playing Hanabi Near-Optimally](
- [Evaluating and modelling Hanabi-playing agents](
- [An intentional AI for hanabi](
- [The Hanabi challenge: A new frontier for AI research]( [[arXiv](]
- [Solving Hanabi: Estimating Hands by Opponent's Actions in Cooperative Game with Incomplete Information](
- [A Browser-based Interface for the Exploration and Evaluation of Hanabi AIs](
- [I see what you see: Integrating eye tracking into Hanabi playing agents](
- [The 2018 Hanabi competition](
- [Diverse Agents for Ad-Hoc Cooperation in Hanabi]( [[arXiv](]
- [State of the art Hanabi bots + simulation framework in rust](
- [Improving Policies via Search in Cooperative Partially Observable Games](
- [A strategy simulator for the well-known cooperative card game Hanabi](
- [A framework for writing bots that play Hanabi](
- [Evaluating the Rainbow DQN Agent in Hanabi with Unseen Partners](