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@ -6,7 +6,12 @@ should be of interest to anyone interested in boardgames and their optimal play.
Chess and Go, finding prior work on more contemporary games can be a bit hard. This list focuses on the latter. If you are interested in well-researched
games like Chess, Go, Hex, take a look at the [Chess programming wiki]( instead. The list also covers some computer-games that fall under similar themes.
A [work-in-progress BibTeX file is available as well](boardgame-research.bib), which you can easily import.
Exported versions (work-in-progress) are available in the following formats:
- [Zotero RDF](boardgame-research.rdf)
- [BibTeX](boardgame-research.bib)
Subscribe to the repo to get the latest updates for now.
If you aren't able to access any paper on this list, please [try using Sci-Hub]( or [reach out to me](

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