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Helps you download music compilations from youtube. Will automatically download the video, split it into chunks, and apply proper id3v2 tags on all the files (including cover-art)


  • Asssumes that youtube-dl and ffmpeg are available in $PATH
  • Takes care of everything else


This software has opinions:

  • You care about metadata and tagging your music properly
  • All music must have cover art embedded
  • You have youtube-dl and ffmpeg already installed
  • I am smart enough to parse youtube descriptions


npm install -g youtube-ripper


youtube-ripper "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41Y6xov0ppw"


  • Pass a cue file instead of using the youtube description
  • --album-art Pass custom album art image (Uses the youtube thumbnail by default)
  • --album-artist Pass a specific Album Artist. (Picks up the artist from the video by default)
  • --genre Pass a specific genre to use. (Picks up from the video by default)


  • If this video does not work on a specific video, please attach the debug log output
  • Pull Requests are welcome that add support for a better parser without breaking the existing tests
  • Please add tests for any new functionality
  • This project follows Readme Driven Development, and as such the README may include "Forward Looking Statements"


Licensed under the MIT License