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Various talks & Lectures that I have given

  1. ux - UX & Usability Designing (SpeakerDeck Online)
  2. Software Development 101
  3. Intro to Linux
  4. Browser Extension Security - Nullcon 2014
  5. Joy of Software Development
  6. HTTP
  7. Fun with HTTP - Talk at Barcamp Bangalore about how HTTP can be a really fun protocol
  8. Security Horror Stories in Payments - Talk at the 50p Conference (2017) [Video] Talk about several security gotchas I've witnessed working in payments. Given at 50p, a HasGeek conference on Digital Payments in India.
  9. Billion Dollar Hacking - A short talk at a Dev/Hacker meetup about the recent SWIFT bank hacks. I repeated this talk at hillhacks 2016.
  10. Indian Financial Systems Code - A short talk on IFSC Codes and how they work in India.
  11. Terraforming Tatooine - A short talk at Barcamp Bangalore Spring 2018 on how I manage my home server using Terraform and Docker. PDF version is available at speakerdeck
  12. crypto.koans - Koans to help you learn openssl/PKI.
  13. HomeServer Talk - A talk on running my own homeserver. Presented at RootConf '19
  14. Monopoly: Why its a terrible game - A talk on the various mistakes Monopoly makes in its game design, and why they are important game breaking issues.
  15. Web Payment APIs - Presented a talk on W3C's Web Payment APIs at RFCs We Love.
  16. Constraint Programming to solve Modern Art - A short talk on my work on solving the Modern Art boardgame.
  17. IFSC [pdf] - A talk at the Cashless Consumer study group talking about banking codes in India, and the IFSC project in general.
  18. Video streaming on Linux.
  19. HPACK - Header Compression in HTTP/2.
  20. Sanderson's Laws of Magic
  21. multipart-emails - A short talk on how linking with mid/cid schemes works in multipart-emails. Related work:
  22. Payment Systems in India - A short 10 minute presentation on some of the digital payment ecosystem in India.
  23. pystitcher - pystitcher stitches your PDF files together, generating nice customizable bookmarks for you using a declarative input in the form of a markdown file.

A few more talks that I've done are on my SpeakerDeck account and my profile page.

Source for most of these is available on the captn3m0/talks repository. If you have any questions regarding any of the talks, feel free to reach out at

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