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This is the documentation of **pystitcher**.
.. note::
This is the main page of your project's `Sphinx`_ documentation.
It is formatted in `reStructuredText`_. Add additional pages
by creating rst-files in ``docs`` and adding them to the `toctree`_ below.
Use then `references`_ in order to link them from this page, e.g.
:ref:`authors` and :ref:`changes`.
It is also possible to refer to the documentation of other Python packages
with the `Python domain syntax`_. By default you can reference the
documentation of `Sphinx`_, `Python`_, `NumPy`_, `SciPy`_, `matplotlib`_,
`Pandas`_, `Scikit-Learn`_. You can add more by extending the
``intersphinx_mapping`` in your Sphinx's ````.
The pretty useful extension `autodoc`_ is activated by default and lets
you include documentation from docstrings. Docstrings can be written in
`Google style`_ (recommended!), `NumPy style`_ and `classical style`_.
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 2
Overview <readme>
License <license>
Authors <authors>
Changelog <changelog>
Module Reference <api/modules>
Indices and tables
* :ref:`genindex`
* :ref:`modindex`
* :ref:`search`
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.. _reStructuredText:
.. _references:
.. _Python domain syntax:
.. _Sphinx:
.. _Python:
.. _Numpy:
.. _SciPy:
.. _matplotlib:
.. _Pandas:
.. _Scikit-Learn:
.. _autodoc:
.. _Google style:
.. _NumPy style:
.. _classical style: