Import old bookmarks via PyPDF

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Nemo 2021-05-26 20:56:18 +05:30
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commit 47b1830b57
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@ -83,29 +83,21 @@ class Stitcher:
for b in self.bookmarks:
self._add_bookmark(target, b.title, b.level,
def _generate_temp_pdf(self, temp_file):
files = [x[0] for x in self.files]
self._merge(files, temp_file)
def _get_level_from_page_number(self, page):
for b in self.bookmarks:
if ( >= page):
return b.level
def _iterate_old_bookmarks(self, pdf, bookmarks, level = 1):
def _iterate_old_bookmarks(self, pdf, startPage, bookmarks, level = 1):
if (isinstance(bookmarks, list)):
for inner_bookmark in bookmarks:
self._iterate_old_bookmarks(pdf, inner_bookmark, level+1)
self._iterate_old_bookmarks(pdf, startPage, inner_bookmark, level+1)
pageNumber = pdf.getDestinationPageNumber(bookmarks)
b = Bookmark(pageNumber, bookmarks.title, level)
localPageNumber = pdf.getDestinationPageNumber(bookmarks)
globalPageNumber = startPage + localPageNumber
b = Bookmark(globalPageNumber, bookmarks.title, level)
def _parse_old_bookmarks(self, file):
p = PdfFileReader(open(, "rb"))
self._iterate_old_bookmarks(p, p.getOutlines())
def _update_metadata(self, old_filename, metadata_file, outputFilename):
currentBookmark = None
for b in self.bookmarks:
@ -116,11 +108,12 @@ class Stitcher:"Running pdftkbox")['java', '-jar', 'PDFtkBox.jar', old_filename, "update_info", metadata_file, 'output', outputFilename], capture_output=True)
def _merge(self, paths, output):
def _merge(self, output):
writer = PdfFileWriter()
for inputFile in paths:
for (inputFile,startPage) in self.files:
assert os.path.isfile(inputFile), ERROR_PATH.format(inputFile)
reader = PdfFileReader(open(inputFile, 'rb'))
self._iterate_old_bookmarks(reader, startPage, reader.getOutlines())
for page in range(1, reader.getNumPages()+1):
writer.addPage(reader.getPage(page - 1))
@ -132,7 +125,7 @@ class Stitcher:
tempPdf = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix=".pdf", delete=False)
tempMetadataFile = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix=".txt", delete=False)
self._update_metadata(,, outputFilename)