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# Never Say You Cant Survive ![in progress](
# Never Say You Cant Survive ![in progress]( ![MIT license](
![Book Cover](cover.jpg)
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The book is available for pre-order at []( or [Indiebound](
## Contents
<details><summary>Section I - Introduction</summary><ol>
<li>How To Make Your Own Imaginary Friends</li>
<li>Imposter Syndrome Is Just Part of Being a Writer</li>
<li>Embrace Uncertainty: The Joy of Making a Giant Mess</li>
<li>Everything Is Broken! What Should I Write About?</li>
<details><summary>Section II - Whats A Story, and How Do You Find One?</summary><ol>
<li>Dont Be Afraid to Go on Lots of First Dates With Story Ideas</li>
<li>The Secret to Storytelling? Just One Good Scene, and Then Another, and Another.</li>
<li>The Most Powerful Thing a Story Can Do Is Show How People Change</li>
<li>A Good Plot Is Made Out of Two Things</li>
<li>How to Tell a Thrilling Story Without Breaking Your Own Heart</li>
<li>The Ending Is The Beginning</li>
<details><summary>Section III - Your Feelings are Valid—and Powerful</summary><ol>
<li>Hold On To Your Anger. Its a Storytelling Goldmine</li>
<li>People Are Only as Interesting as Their Relationships</li>
<li>One Easy Way to Feel Better About the World</li>
<li>Revision Is the Process of Turning Fake Emotion Into Real Emotion</li>
<li>Twelve Ways to Keep the Fun of Writing Alive</li>
<details><summary>Section IV - What We Write About When We Write About Spaceships</summary><ol>
<li>How to Write a Political Story Without Falling on Your Face</li>
<li>Good Worldbuilding Shows How Things Could Be Different</li>
<li>The Unexamined Story Is Not Worth Writing</li>
<li>Weirdness Gives Me the Strength To Keep Going</li>
<li>When Is It Okay To Write About Someone Elses Culture or Experience?</li>
## License
Licensed under the [MIT License]( See LICENSE file for details.