129 Commits (master)

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  Nemo 6cb2ffa736 Security note about docker socket mount 2 months ago
  Nemo d90a67539f Remove heimdall 2 months ago
  Nemo 2d2348f34f [ubooquity] Enable autoscan 2 months ago
  Nemo 20cd656e04 Removes mongodb, upgrades wiki 3 months ago
  Nemo 735279b0c1 Cleanup and comment unused stuff 8 months ago
  Nemo 8900b2d2be remove lychee and stringer 1 year ago
  Nemo c152ec65df Adds elibsrv Docker Container 1 year ago
  Nemo 1bc37d72a6 Force run stuff 1 year ago
  Nemo d1d3506e7b Some minor updates for Docker provider upgrade 2 years ago
  Nemo 7d7ea22b31 Revert "lychee moved to container module" 2 years ago
  Nemo 7a3f456feb Adds users 2 years ago
  Nemo 2fb18878ca lychee moved to container module 2 years ago
  Nemo aff21bf142 Fix jackett resources 2 years ago
  Nemo e8dcd00e87 Minor fixes in container zipmapping 2 years ago
  Nemo dea37a5319 Cleaner module for web configuration 2 years ago
  Nemo 40efbf6504 switches to jmalloc/echo-server for websocket support 2 years ago
  Nemo 5eecce56a3 Drops tt-rss entirely 2 years ago
  Nemo 3ab14e79e5 Upgrades and kill mysql everywhere 2 years ago
  Nemo 757c52622a Adds pranav 2 years ago
  Nemo 393a956fbf Disable git connectivity for wiki 2 years ago
  Nemo 0dd428e4dc Tag ubooquity with the correct network for traefik 2 years ago
  Nemo 453e976d85 Switches to a single traefik network 2 years ago
  Nemo b4447c7b8d Attach traefik to monitoring network 2 years ago
  Nemo d91ae4d87d Sets up ACT exporter 2 years ago
  Nemo 21df4ceea6 Create and use a single traefik network everywhere 2 years ago
  Nemo ee54248ae0 Re-enable headerdebug 2 years ago
  Nemo d9a6c5fdf1 More work on networks instead of links 2 years ago
  Nemo 1a714d87b2 re-arch into media directory 2 years ago
  Nemo 8efb575290 Upgrades and stuff 2 years ago
  Nemo 66ae57a3c5 Adds got visualizations 2 years ago
  Nemo 4c8486f6b9 switch to 10.2 series 2 years ago
  Nemo 3a111b6c32 Switch to stable mariadb 2 years ago
  Nemo abe774561e Adds accounts 2 years ago
  Nemo 92083c7e8a adds people 2 years ago
  Nemo ec5ee3debc Use variable for mariadb version 2 years ago
  Nemo 5f47a08bb5 Force the mysql version reported 2 years ago
  Nemo 47e27ee658 fixes harman's access 2 years ago
  Nemo 05c0a9e6e5 delete empty file 3 years ago
  Nemo 8fe2d16fb7 standardize quotes on resource type 3 years ago
  Nemo 47073f4f7b Adds a new domain and KIB 3 years ago
  Nemo b05bd3bd8b cleanup, downgrade traefik 3 years ago
  Nemo 452c7d5b79 new user 3 years ago
  Nemo 19dc775c5c Adds abstruse CI 3 years ago
  Nemo 479faf6863 Switch to Percona official image for mongo rocks 3 years ago
  Nemo 1be61eadae Adds people to immutable config 3 years ago
  Nemo 36c04c5ad3 Server ubooquity over multiple domains 3 years ago
  Nemo 8e90029a84 wildcard certs are here!!! 3 years ago
  Nemo 72b9e6fb24 Comment out headerdebug image 3 years ago
  Nemo 45f76a0602 Drops headphones 3 years ago
  Nemo 4b344fe764 Adds lidarr, remove ombi 3 years ago