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  Nemo 09baca2819 remove unused code 1 month ago
  Nemo d25573f4b0 upgrade miniflux 1 month ago
  Nemo 6cb2ffa736 Security note about docker socket mount 1 month ago
  Nemo d90a67539f Remove heimdall 1 month ago
  Nemo a532831de9 remove abstruse 1 month ago
  Nemo 2d2348f34f [ubooquity] Enable autoscan 1 month ago
  Nemo 114bb27349 Adds requestrr 1 month ago
  Nemo add21ccdac Adds klaxon 1 month ago
  Nemo c3584a8f56 Removes unused code 1 month ago
  Nemo 20cd656e04 Removes mongodb, upgrades wiki 1 month ago
  Nemo 373793fcb5 Setup one for audiobooks 4 months ago
  Nemo 4922bd098f got gonic working 4 months ago
  Nemo 735279b0c1 Cleanup and comment unused stuff 7 months ago
  Nemo 86db1b2da9 upgrades+gonic 1 year ago
  Nemo 1a234f5025 only run webserver for elibsrv 1 year ago
  Nemo f02ee532ad mount books as read-only 1 year ago
  Nemo 557a0af80d Merge branch 'master' into kaarana-wordpress 1 year ago
  Nemo 2b617967a3 upgrade elibsrv 1 year ago
  Nemo cce99c0b6a WIP ingress configuration 1 year ago
  Nemo 42ab949caf Fix wordpress port 1 year ago
  Nemo d4370f2b56 kaarana.org wordpress website 1 year ago
  Nemo 0633f6113f The SSH and Web servers are on different IP addresses now 1 year ago
  Nemo 4336814bac Fix audioserve 1 year ago
  Nemo 975c48094f Upgrade redis 1 year ago
  Nemo 8900b2d2be remove lychee and stringer 1 year ago
  Nemo 2b2b68f722 General Updates 1 year ago
  Nemo da53ac8f1a Increase memory for radicale 1 year ago
  Nemo 125f4cecaf Adds stringer 1 year ago
  Nemo 273b75841c Increase resources for rssbridge 1 year ago
  Nemo c890430913 adds a subject prefix for gitea mails 1 year ago
  Nemo 1617061f51 [gitea] New release forces oauth2 on everyone 1 year ago
  Nemo 63facbde70 Remove custom dns support 1 year ago
  Nemo c5677d0fa4 docker improvements got merged 1 year ago
  Nemo 77afa90a64 Fix whitelist path 1 year ago
  Nemo bd27db6aa6 Switch to official PHP base image 1 year ago
  Nemo ae073752a1 Fix ACT Exporter 1 year ago
  Nemo b862c78ec9 General Updates 1 year ago
  Nemo c066e62ee0 Fix radicale 1 year ago
  Nemo c152ec65df Adds elibsrv Docker Container 1 year ago
  Nemo 4c55f5dd0f Updates gitea config for 1.8 1 year ago
  Nemo d748e65a37 Block robots from scraping git.captnemo.in 1 year ago
  Nemo 3bc9e40b61 Get opml back 1 year ago
  Nemo 1bc37d72a6 Force run stuff 1 year ago
  Nemo 37bb59eda3 Run a jupyter notebook 1 year ago
  Nemo 07d44ca39a Comment out unused kubernetes stuff 1 year ago
  Nemo c9b9205496 Switch to stable release of nextcloud 1 year ago
  Nemo 071a16dc94 Improve NextCloud Networking 1 year ago
  Nemo d9ef272286 Fix Firefox Sync 1 year ago
  Nemo 114487fc1e Fix pass provider issues 1 year ago
  Nemo c2e029fb4f Adds audioserve 1 year ago