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Nemo 5fd0056d77 Dependency and version bump 2 years ago
Nemo 1e57857a4e Version Bump (1.3.0) 2 years ago
Nemo ba0a47038d Remove input-pdf from README and help 2 years ago
Nemo a05a1253db Keep going with next issue 2 years ago
Nemo 03fccde754 Adds support for final journal downloads 2 years ago
Nemo 3a2d45fb6e Adds a skip-open-access flag 2 years ago
Nemo 62e6a21c84 Finishes support for downloading complete issues 2 years ago
Nemo 38db0dd000 Adds tests for page detection 2 years ago
Nemo 919c8ac43f Fixes parser for issue HTML 2 years ago
Nemo 870ed3080d Modular code in fetch to support both chapters and articles 2 years ago
Nemo f04e9b799e Removes input_pdf and initial work on article download 2 years ago
Nemo 04a2fe52ec Minor fixes, parse contents for issues 2 years ago
Nemo aa392eaa64 Adds support for parsing title to volume/number/date of a journal issue 2 years ago
Nemo 7b48731afe Parse title and publisher for issues 2 years ago
Nemo 6b278531fd Infobox is parsing for an issue now 2 years ago
Nemo f11f64b9d5 Adds webmock 2 years ago
Nemo ff225b12c6 Fix filenames with double-quotes 2 years ago
Nemo 4a358d0cb0 Journal parser now parses all issues 2 years ago
Nemo d8702b2fcb Initial work on parsing the journal page 2 years ago
Nemo fcc4f0c48b Clear out the Producer/Creator on the PDF 2 years ago
Nemo 487b222d79 Adds support for --dont-strip-first-page 3 years ago
Nemo c3722430e1 Adds a check for rate-limit 3 years ago
Prad Nelluru 5e5158fe1c
Don't backoff for more than 256 seconds (~4 min) (#13) 3 years ago
Prad Nelluru 2206c41228 Use response.body, not response.body_io, which is nil when you pass in HTTPClient for some reason. 3 years ago
Prad Nelluru 4e435dd3ab Add 60s timeout to downloads. Do backoff for all errors. 3 years ago
Prad Nelluru 9659c0ef5e
Trim chapter titles to ensure bookmarks are valid in PDF (#11) 3 years ago
Prad Nelluru 762164e223 more descriptive error messages 3 years ago
Prad Nelluru 77201bda85 Fix download issue - revert to using body_io 3 years ago
Prad Nelluru db2d86c1a8 Also add exception message to top-level rescue 3 years ago
Prad Nelluru 1d2f53bad0 forgot to git-add new error files 3 years ago
Prad Nelluru 5d9d951c9a Write backtrace in top-level rescue blocks. 3 years ago
Prad Nelluru 483f838d24 Report pdftk and download errors. Add exponential backoff to downloading after download failures. Add top-level rescue block to improve forward progress. 3 years ago
Nemo d52b06377d Version bump (1.1.2) 3 years ago
Nemo b7aad7a3c2 Add link to download message 3 years ago
Nemo 380f1f03f8 Put URL when skipping a file 3 years ago
Nemo 449be5e554 Version bump 3 years ago
Nemo c08b8b7284 Show version in help 3 years ago
Nemo 1d95cce3f8 Catch another PDF error 3 years ago
Nemo b7cae52cb4 Version Bump 3 years ago
Nemo 82ce97cbc8 Adds fix for corrupt PDF error from MUSE 3 years ago
Nemo ae2a35bb7b Version Bump 3 years ago
Nemo 00c80bf8e4 Fixes #6 3 years ago
Nemo 1a5086b2d7 Catch books with missing dates 3 years ago
Nemo 0b241d6a47 Fix broken binary issue 3 years ago
Nemo 18a051e20f [ci] Fixes CI Build 3 years ago
Nemo f4cf8ce97c Release 1.0.0 3 years ago
Nemo f3c757984a Skip books that don't support PDF 3 years ago
Nemo 2a78be1022 Adds support for .formats and fixes tests 3 years ago
Nemo 955aec3a1b Adds support for cookies 3 years ago
Nemo 923e589413 Fix output-file flag when INPUT FILE is given 3 years ago