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% Score a player gets in each given round
array[Rounds,Players] of var int: RoundScore;
% Final score of a player
array[Players] of var int: Score;
% For Cumulative Scoring
% Score = ranking_score + award_score if an award was given this round
constraint forall(r in Rounds, a in Artists) (
total_score_per_round_per_artist[r,a] =
ranking_score_per_artist_per_round[r,a] + award_bonus_per_round_per_artist[r,a] +
if r=Round1 then
total_score_per_round_per_artist[enum_prev(Rounds, r),a] endif
% This is same as total_score but force set to zero if the artist is not ranked
% This is what each player gets for each card they play
array[Rounds,Artists] of var int: ArtistScore;
constraint forall(r in Rounds, a in Artists) (
ArtistScore[r,a] = if IsArtistRanked[r,a] then total_score_per_round_per_artist[r,a] else 0 endif
% Calculate total score per player
% 1. Per Round
constraint forall(r in Rounds, p in Players) (
RoundScore[r,p] = sum(a in Artists) (
visible_count_per_round_per_artist_per_player[r,p,a] * ArtistScore[r,a]
% 2. For the whole game
constraint forall(p in Players) (
Score[p] = sum(r in Rounds) (RoundScore[r,p])