This is a MiniZinc based attempt to solve the Modern Art: Masters Gallery game.
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15 lines
728 B

% This file maintains common symbol constraints
% Since we are modelling each symbol individually (and not "on-a-card"), this results in
% symbol counts being calculated in isolation.
% Sanity constraints on each symbol file individually ensure
% that atleast one card of the symbol was played by the correct played
% they do not ensure that across symbols
% and hence, the same card may end up getting counted twice for different symbols.
% this file prevents such issues
% and may ultimately end up replacing separate symbol counters
constraint forall(r in Rounds, a in Artists) (
sum (p in Players) (
visible_count_per_round_per_artist_per_player[r,p,a] - DrawOneCard[r,p,a]
) >= awards_per_round_per_artist[r,a]