Script to generate PDF and EPUB for "The Ickabog" by J.K Rowling
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Generates ebooks for The Ickabog by J.K Rowling. Original text from


How to run


You should have ickabog.epub, and ickabog.pdf in your directory after the script finishes. If you have ConTeXt installed, you will also get a ickabog-large.pdf file with large fonts to be kid-friendly.

Known Issues

  1. Currently no cover is available. If you'd like to submit a cover for this book, please let me know. I think a kid-drawn illustration would be perfect, keeping with the theme of the contest.
  2. The PDF is optimized for few pages of printing, so has a small font size by default. If you'd like a kid-friendly version, install context to get ickabog-large.pdf file.


A list of my other EBook generation projects:, includes a link to other related projects as well


Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE file for details.