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Nemo 9b7b085805 Improve generation by adapting code from @lesensei
- Auto generation of chapters, no manual updates
- Internationalization support, thanks to @lesensei
- Made qpdf, kindlegen, calibre optional dependencies
- Changed the cover image size to exactly A4
- Generatd cover.pdf, and switched to qpdf from pdftk
  I like pdftk, but the installation is stupidly hard these days
  and qpdf seems to be much more lightweight.
  The disadvantage is losing the bookmarks in the PDF

Also faced a few issues on pandoc while working on this, created
issues on the pandoc repo:
2020-06-09 18:09:00 +05:30
Nemo 2ab167d6d1 Adds cover art 2020-05-30 04:45:28 +05:30