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require 'date'
require 'fileutils'
require 'nokogiri'
date =,4,9)
for episode in 1..50
str_date = date.strftime("%0Y/%m/%d")
puts "##{episode} - #{str_date}"
link = "{str_date}/hoshruba-the-land-and-the-tilism-book-1-episode-#{episode}/"
puts "Download #{link}"
`wget --no-clobber "#{link}" --output-document "html/#{episode}.html" -o /dev/null`
date+=1 if episode >= 7
# Now we have all the files
html = ""
for i in 1..50
html += "<h1>Chapter #{i}</h1>"
page = Nokogiri::HTML(open("html/#{i}.html")).css('.entry-content')
start = ending = false
pass = 0
page.children.each do |e| = 'h4' if == 'h3'
ending = true if e.attribute('class') and e['class'].include? 'post-end-spacer'
if !start or ending
start = true if e.inner_text.end_with? 'Barnes & Noble or Amazon.'
html += page.inner_html
# Write it in the book"Hoshruba.html", 'w') { |file| file.write(html) }
puts "[html] Generated HTML file"
# Convert it to epub
`pandoc -S -o Hoshruba.epub --epub-metadata=metadata.xml --epub-cover-image=cover.jpg Hoshruba.html`
puts "[epub] Generated EPUB file"
# Convert epub to a mobi
`ebook-convert Hoshruba.epub`
puts "[mobi] Generated MOBI file"
# Generate PDF as well
# First, lets make a better css version of the html
`pandoc Hoshruba.html -s -c style.css -o Hoshruba_pdf.html`
puts "[pdf] Generated html for pdf"
# Now we convert the cover to a pdf
`convert cover.jpg cover.pdf`
puts "[pdf] Generated cover for pdf"
# Print the pdf_html file to pdf
`wkhtmltopdf Hoshruba_pdf.html /tmp/Hoshruba.pdf`
puts "[pdf] Generated PDF without cover"
# Join the cover and pdf together
`pdftk cover.pdf /tmp/Hoshruba.pdf cat output Hoshruba.pdf`
puts "[pdf] Generated PDF file"