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Tor.com recently published the entire first book in the Hoshruba series as a series of blog posts. This script downloads all of these posts and converts them into a publishable format, including epub, mobi, pdf and html.

For obvious reasons, the converted ebook is not part of this repo. You must download and run the script on your own machine to generate the copies.


  • Ruby
  • Nokogiri gem installed (gem install nokogiri)
  • Unix system with wget installed
  • pandoc installed and available
  • ebook-convert (from calibre) available to generate the mobi file
  • wkhtmltopdf for converting html to pdf
  • pdftk to stitch the final PDF file
  • imagemagick to convert jpg to PDF

The final 3 tools can be skipped if you don't care about the PDF generation.

You can also skip calibre if you only want the EPUB file.


After downloading the repo and installing the requirements, just run

bundle install
bundle exec ruby setup.rb

All the generated files will be saved with the filename Hoshruba.{epub|pdf|mobi|html}


This is licensed under WTFPL. See COPYING file for the full text.


A list of my other EBook generation projects: https://captnemo.in/ebooks/, includes a link to other related projects as well