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Bruno Cauet a11f7c4507 image: correct declaration + usage
- Declaration: declares the image a 'hackertray' data, gives
  its location and asks its inclusion
- appindicator looks for the picture in folders near itself, instead of
  /usr/bin (near the main executable) or the first entry of path.
2013-11-28 15:47:03 +01:00
Bruno Cauet 73aa49812e Clean setup file, create launch script
- Setup file: 'entry_point' is used in stead of non-existent
  'bin/hackertray' for scripts
- hackertray package init file
  - does not check if it is called as a script (which should not happen)
  - main() code is now replaced in
  - main() instantiates the app and calls run() on it (previous roles
2013-11-28 15:42:29 +01:00
Abhay Rana 7b3b06d7c2 Fixes #2 2013-11-28 15:59:14 +05:30
Abhay Rana 6ca735ea08 Converts app into a python module which is easily installable. 2013-11-28 14:03:25 +05:30