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  • Source code for my blog and personal website. Uses Jekyll extensively.
  • Uses the excellent lanyon theme.
  • Hosted using GitHub Pages.

Highlight Reel

Here's a list of links to content on my blog that I'm most proud of😀

Web Directory

Since various projects end up using various sub-domains or paths for, these are my notes to self to keep track of what all I'm hosting on and how:

What Where How GitHub Pages A Record pointing to GitHub directly. Source is this repo GitHub Pages, source. Branch: gh-pages, Built daily using Travis GitHub Pages source. Branch: gh-pages GitHub Pages source Homeserver miniflux, configuration Homeserver gitea, configuration GitHub Pages GitHub Pages source. Branch: gh-pages Heroku Heroku GitHub Pages Heroku GitHub Pages GitHub Pages GitHub Pages, Webhooks configured on both repos to auto-publish
  • What - The URL that is hosting an asset
  • Where - Where is it hosted
  • How - How do updates get pushed out, and where is the code?