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Behavioral Differences is the Key of Ad-hoc Team Cooperation in Multiplayer Games Hanabi
3 months ago
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Nemo 87d5c59665 Secret Hitler has a paper 3 years ago
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Brandon Foltz ac4a84d8f8 Adds Shobu category
Includes AI playground and data set of randomly played Shobu games. Not strictly research, but provides tools for someone to do research on Shobu with.
3 years ago
Nemo 13a348711c Merge TTR presentation with corresponding paper 3 years ago
Noah Carnahan 7bdd12e03a Add Ticket to Ride paper
Added link to paper analyzing Ticket To Ride strategy. Note that one of the other links in the TTR section (Applications of Graph Theory and Probability in the Board Game Ticket to Ride) is a slide deck that seems to be based largely on the paper I added. Not sure if you prefer that these two items be nested in the list or anything like that.
3 years ago
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