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@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ If you aren't able to access any paper on this list, please [try using Sci-Hub](
- [Playing Carcassonne with Monte Carlo Tree Search](
# Diplomacy
- [Human-Level Performance in No-Press Diplomacy via Equilibrium Search](
- [Learning to Play No-Press Diplomacy with Best Response Policy Iteration ](
- [No Press Diplomacy: Modeling Multi-Agent Gameplay ](
- [Agent Madoff: A Heuristic-Based Negotiation Agent For The Diplomacy Strategy Game ](
@ -111,6 +112,7 @@ There is a [simulator]( and the c
- [Behavioral Evaluation of Hanabi Rainbow DQN Agents and Rule-Based Agents]( [[pdf](]
- [Playing mini-Hanabi card game with Q-learning](
- [Generating and Adapting to Diverse Ad-Hoc Cooperation Agents in Hanabi](
- [Hanabi Open Agend Dataset]( - [[ACM](]
# Hive
- [On the complexity of Hive](
@ -148,6 +150,7 @@ There is a [simulator]( and the c
- [A constraint programming based solver for Modern Art](
# Monopoly
- [Learning Monopoly Gameplay: A Hybrid Model-Free Deep Reinforcement Learning and Imitation Learning Approach](
- [Negotiation strategy of agents in the MONOPOLY game](
- [Generating interesting Monopoly boards from open data](
- [Estimating the probability that the game of Monopoly never ends](
@ -287,4 +290,5 @@ Set has a long history of mathematical research, so this list isn't exhaustive.
# Frameworks/Toolkits
- [RLCard: A Toolkit for Reinforcement Learning in Card Games](
- [GTSA: Game Tree Search Algorithms](
- [Design and Implementation of TAG: A Tabletop Games Framework]( [[GitHub](]
- [Design and Implementation of TAG: A Tabletop Games Framework]( [[GitHub](]
- [TAG: Tabletop Games Framework](