Exposes your current ACT FUP usage as prometheus metrics. Scrapes the data from the ACT Portal website by using puppeteer.

Ажурирано пре 25 минута

Talks I've given. Many more at https://speakerdeck.com/captn3m0

Ажурирано пре 2 дана

Source Code for the Home Server setup. This includes the git server hosting this repository as well. #terraform #docker

Ажурирано пре 5 дана

AUR package for the Signal Private Messenger

Ажурирано пре 2 месеци

An ebook reader application supporting PDF, DjVu, EPUB, FB2 and many more formats

Ажурирано пре 3 месеци

AUR package for karn - Manage multiple Git identities

Ажурирано пре 4 месеци

How many Indian government websites are using HTTPS?

Ажурирано пре 5 месеци

Keep track of restaurant openings and closures in the city.

Ажурирано пре 6 месеци

Generate OPML files for following web-things

Ажурирано пре 1 година

Hacker News Classics on a single Jekyll website (to be converted to an EBook)

Ажурирано пре 1 година

Ажурирано пре 1 година

Ажурирано пре 1 година

Ажурирано пре 1 година

Keeping the HT Hate Tracker alive

Ажурирано пре 1 година

AUR package for elibsrv - a light OPDS library server for EPUB and PDF ebooks

Ажурирано пре 1 година